Come Find Us On Skype

Chris Sheldrake

What do Messrs Cremins, Dusho, Gerba, Goldberg, Michaels, Riegel, Vartian, Emerson, Witherspoon, Guggenheim, Koolen, Villafane, Nix, Armstrong and Chowdhury all have in common?

The answer is that they are all CEOs, Senior Managers or Owners of businesses in our industry AND they are all available to us via Skype. We don’t need to tell you that we find that incredibly useful. If there’s a rumour or a story we want to check out, clarification we need or sometimes just to pass the time of day (and usually have a laugh) there is absolutely nothing better.

We guess that some of them might figure a la Niccolò Machiavelli that they should “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” but either way it can surely only be a great PR strategy to be instantly available!

Come find us on SKYPE!

7 Responses to “Come Find Us On Skype”

  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    And you can get me, as Adrian can attest, at dhaynes

    Skype is fantastic. I chat with clients all the way to India and when I need a quick word with a senior guy, I can pop a note up on the corner of the screen to ask if they a free for a couple of minutes

    With a good headset, I actually find Skype calls give me superior sound quality to talking via phone. It certainly beats mobile.

    And, ummm, it’s also free

  2. luis villafane Says:

    also, while at the beach, on holiday… nothing is better… skype+3g+laptop… nothing like managing systems and talking to clients while looking at the sea.


  3. Jason Cremins Says:

    Totally agree Dave, with partners and customers in every corner of the world Skype is a crucial part of my day to day business toolkit.

    Now that I have added a HD webcam, I can now be seen in all my glory. Scary hey!

  4. Jeremy Gavin Says:

    Good points. I’ve tinkered with Skype for a while but recently have used it more and more as we speak with new customers we have in London, Jordan and Melbourne. You can reach me with the username: screenfeed

  5. Rocky Gunderson Says:

    Add SeeSaw Networks to your list of believers. Skype links us daily with our global development team. We could not operate as cost effectively without it.

  6. Claude HAGEGE Says:

    Skype is my first communication tool for the last 6 years, especially with the last release offering multipoint video call capabilities

  7. Ezra Masri Says:

    Skype is awesome, file transfer is a cool feature, i wish i could sync it with linkedin.. great tool!

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