Not Quite Hello Moto ;)

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Hello, is that Gail? Sorry no comment

Well – as we sort of expected might happen – we got an “At this time we do not have a comment” line from Motorola regarding the Minkus court case filing.

Frankly, it makes us think that Motorola – usually a solid, relatively forthcoming company – didn’t realize what a bag of worms it unleashed by selling (Loren Minkus) Patent 5309174.

We attempted to put three questions to Motorola:

  1. Why did it decide to sell the patent? (That should easily have been a straightforward answer.)
  2. To whom did it actually sell the patent: Loren Minkus himself, Minkus Electronic Display Systems, Turtle Bay Technologies or a combination of these. (Hmm! Did it sell to one not realizing the possible Patent Troll possibilities/implications or not care?)
  3. What does Motorola think of the new owners trying to sue the approximately 40 digital signage / digital out-of-home companies for alleged patent infringement? (Has this sale shocked Motorola into silence? Is there any possibility that Motorola is still involved in some way? We doubt the latter, but without a comment, we have to be open to all ideas.)

What we do know is that Mr. Minkus still answers his phone at Motorola, so he still seems to be an employee of the company where he has worked for 35 years and holds the position of director of portfolio management.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this ongoing saga.

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  1. Let he is who is without sin cast the first stone. Says:

    Errr read the turtle beach PR it asserts Moto are on an earn out from the forthcoming battle. Pontius pilot washing his hands or what ?

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