GSTV Featured In Monocle

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nice mention for Gas Station TV in this month’s edition of our favourite magazine MONOCLE (page 098, issue 36, volume 04, September 2010).

Whilst only a short piece it’s great to see our industry networks hit the mainstream press (as regular readers will know – it’s our belief that industry associations should be helping here and are doing a damn poor job in getting any traction in this area), it reads…

News from the pumps

US road trips are becoming even more American – now there’s no need ever to leave our beloved television. Gas Station TV (GSTV) is a fast-growing network of screens built into the tops of petrol pumps to “enhance the fuellng experience”. The TV’s play a continuous four-and-a-half-minute loop of NBC News, weather and ESPN Sport.

GSTV has expanded to more than 8,000 screens at 1,100 petrol stations and delivers more tahn 27 million “pump views” per month. In the last year, GSTV has doubled sales, increased staff by 30 per cent and tripled its office space at its headquarters in Birmingham, Michiga. PepsiCo has just signed a multi-year, multi-brand deal with GSTV.

Perhaps with no place else to label it (or a lack of understanding what it was) the journalist filed it under, or the editor tagged the story as | USA Television |

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