Bluefox Pilot New Carrefour Systems

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Word reaches us that as part of its new store concept, Carrefour has started equipping it’s stores with, wait for it, kiosks and digital signage! Two pilot stores in the suburbs of Lyon – Venissieux and Ecully have three touch screens per store, centrally controlled, installed at the head of gondolas for white goods (washing machines, cookers, Le fridge etc)

The systems in place describe the range of products available in stores and also serve as a tool for decision support for the client. 

Specifically, these terminals allow customers to browse the entire catalog offered by Carrefour Major Appliances, thus supplementing the present demonstration products in stores.

The interactive screens are a joint venture between Bluefox and Cisco VAR Axians and the point of sale and the wall screens are a joint venture between Bluefox and Mediaperformance (a French agency).

There are 80 media players per Carrefour store are currently provided by Cisco.

4 Responses to “Bluefox Pilot New Carrefour Systems”

  1. Married Man Says:

    Finally. Praise be. Congrats to Bluefox and Mediaperformance. Let’s hope this pilot’s serious, paid-for and yields good intel for the retailer and the suppliers. We (read: the market) should talk this up/be positive and give this pilot a fighting chance of delivering value as it could be a very welcome catalyst for FMCG deployments outside of the US.

  2. Verite Says:

    Not the first for Carrefour, in 2003 they attempted this in France for a free 6 month pilot. On completion they invited the pilot vendors to make an e-Bay style bid at lowest possible price. The vendors abandoned Carrefour when they learned of the bid mechanism. Best of luck to Blue Fox, yes Guillaume is a top man. Lessons to be learned from the original pilot and the Fabian induced and managed Tesco disaster on the UK rock.

  3. G de La Tour Says:

    It is not a free pilote, and Carrefour has put a lot of effort for these 2 hypermarkets. And we all hope that most/all of the innovations will be kept in the future to be deployed WW.

    “Verite”, I would like to know more about the 2003 Carrefour pilote. could you contact me in direct?
    Thanks “Married Man”

  4. Jonathan Flender Says:

    Great perofrmance from BlueFox.
    As usual those guys are always finding innovative solutions to enhance digital experience.

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