Twitter Activity Update For #ibc2010

Andrew Neale

The one thing that show and conference organisers need to learn when using good old Twitter as a social media tool around their event is choose a hashtag, stick to it and promote the hell out of it!

Confusion still reigns supreme with #ibc10 (or is it #ibc2010, even plain old #ibc, or, heaven forbid, #ibcshow – no it’s definitely not that one) and some of those who tweet (especially the corporate tweet) are hedging their bets and using a combination of two of them, which is of course plain daft.

The latest twitter activity snapshot taken this morning shows: –

  • #ibc10: 1730
  • #ibc: 1700
  • #ibc2010: 860

Early indications show that even though duplicate hastags have been used in some tweets, there are still about 4,000 unique tweets so far. This proves that the traffic is largely fragmented separately across the three hashtags with not much crossover, whereas we should have had one large community using one.

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