BITS AV In Pieces Again

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear strong rumour in the UK that BITS AV may well have folded yet again. Staff were allegedly told via conference call over the weekend.

Time for us to start up the community service that is the BITS Alumni Bulletin Board again we guess?

14 Responses to “BITS AV In Pieces Again”

  1. Micheal McGarry Says:

    hi im just wondering what the present situation is with bitav im a contractor

  2. The Dark Lord Says:

    The client on the contract you are on is just about to pull out because of not meeting the targets. the last bit regular contract is being terminated at the end of the month as well.
    There are probably good intentions to pay everybody off; however not enough money. when i say not enough, i really mean nothing..zilch..

  3. ex-contractor 1 Says:

    Unfortunately the company Bits (Berkshire) was on its way out a long time ago managers with big ideas and promises. What is justice is even there new companies who have the old engineers are unhappy with their so called promise of a better life.

  4. Bogbag Says:

    The list of comments will be shorter as there is no one left to make a comment
    I just feel so sorry for the ones that stayed who could of got better jobs and flourished within other company’s but were promised the earth. Good luck to you all in your endeavours in the future.

  5. ex-contractor 1 Says:

    What is sad Bits (berks) had a good and growing reputation with good people at the helm but one person with big ideas who brought in his own team of engineer friends, set the rot in. We were pushed out / side to make way for them which we the old engineers felt unfairly victimised.
    I hear he is now running a company in Kettering , with his past record l feel that won’t last long too

  6. The Dark Lord Says:

    meanwhile, prodomu and his mates down at HDS are up to their old trick again. they claiming to the banks that they now employ some of the old BITS staff, in a way of trying to increase their overdraft facility. Liar, liar!

    It wsnt a certain chap from kettering who set the rot in a couple of years ago; it was when prodomu and his sidekick had a share in the business, using it to raise money for their other failing businesses, than of course inventive invoicing, factoring, etc….

  7. Obi-Wan Says:

    Seems funny that as soon as one of HDS’s employees kicks off about the £9000 expenses & wages they owe him he gets suspended….

    Message to SFO – christmas has come early this year !

    Stay tuned for another thrilling installment soon…..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Déjà vu
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  9. Screen Cleaner Says:

    Déjà vu (pronounced [deʒa vy] meaning “already seen” in French) is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the recent past)

  10. Tom Milner Says:

    Is there an echo in here? 🙂

  11. Ex-Contractor 2 Says:

    For any creditors of Bits (berkshire) ltd or for that matter HDS, Both Andrew & Marizo will be on stand 58 at the BCSC exhibition in Manchester later this month, Pop along and say hello.

  12. Dave Webb Says:

    Oh! what a surprise.

  13. ex-contractor 1 Says:

    The Dark Lord, Hows things up north, hope the family are well ??

  14. Nelly The Elephant Says:

    The status of BITS av has now changed on companies house website showing it as in liquidation

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