Renault Drives Onto Amscreen’s Forecourt

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Renault Vans has run an awareness campaign on Amscreen’s forecourt network of digital screens, sold through independent digital out of home media sales house Digicom. The campaign was planned and booked by MGOMD Media Contacts through the outdoor specialist Posterscope.

The Renault Vans campaign was the first time a commercial vehicle manufacturer has advertised on the network, and the campaign was used to communicate current offers on its new range of vans, highlighting specific deals.

Renault used the network to engage with owners of commercial vehicles as well as van fleet decision makers in direct proximity to key dealership locations. These locations were crucial for the client in order to drive footfall to a purchase location. The forecourt network is an obvious choice for motor advertisers looking to communicate with a wide motoring audience. Previous advertisers include Kia and VW, who used the network’s flexibility to achieve different objectives for their consumer ranges.

Chris Forrester, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at Digicom told us “We are delighted to welcome the first commercial vehicle campaign to the forecourt network. The network delivers the most relevant audience for Renault Vans, reaching them on the move at the most logical part of their daily routine. In addition, it shows how easy it is to adapt existing creative and create a halo effect to maximise impact.”

Renault Vans’ creative execution highlighted the range and value of their commercial vehicles as well as their suitability for tradespeople the world over – quite literally, listing ‘Bakers in Bakewell’, ‘Plumbers in Palermo’ and ‘Builders in Budapest’ as professionals who would all benefit from the new models.

The reference to European locations reflects Renault’s undisputed position as Europe’s number one van manufacturer. Repurposed press creative was used on the forecourt screens running in conjunction with other media to multiply message awareness and add value to the overall campaign.

The forecourt campaign ran for two weeks, starting on Bank Holiday Monday to take full advantage of the busy roads, reaching motorists on the way back from weekend breaks, on long journeys therefore thinking about their vehicles’ reliability. Additionally, exposure to the advertised offer on the first week back after the holiday season tapped into the consciousness of commercial vehicle drivers returning to work running throughout September’s new registration period.

The Amscreen forecourt network now delivers over 35 million gross impacts per fortnight. Research conducted by Digicom earlier this year proves that 67% of visits are to fill up with petrol. 73% of respondents believe that digital out of home screens are a good reminders of products and services.

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