Digitalis Scabiosa Arum Minkus Minkus

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mr nice guy Steve Nesbit, a former DSA board member and a long time member of the digital signage community, has agreed to lead a discussion (under the auspices of said DSA) which will take place at 4 pm Eastern Time on October 4 in New York City with regard the recent hullabaloo regarding United States Patent 5309174 and Loren Minkus (the named inventor) which directly targets the digital signage Industry.

Although the DSA is not an entity that can legally participate in this action taken by Minkus, the DSA mission “to advance the growth and excellence of the global digital signage, interactive kiosk and mobile community through advocacy, education and networking” believes that under this charter, they would like to facilitate a meeting of defendants or any other company interested in creating a forum to discuss potential avenues of action.

Interested parties can participate either in person (Steve will get information out to participants as to meeting location) or over WebEx.

We reported at some length that notice was given to close to 40 defendants in the case, all prominent players in the digital signage segment.

David L. Drain, Executive Director of the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) (formerly the Digital Signage Association and the Self-Service & Kiosk Association) told us “It was because of your (DaiyDOOH) good work that we got involved. DSA is simply taking a facilitator role”

He added “While we’re not sure what kind of response we will get, we are hopeful we can help bring everyone together”

Hats off.

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