Oh look, it’s a steamroller moving…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In response to my missive on what I thought was an incredibly poor UK article in Marketing Week 27.09.07 entitled “Outdoor’s digital awakening”

see http://www.dailydooh.com/index.php/archives/324

I received a response from the Special Reports Editor as follows…

“Sorry you were disappointed with the feature. The writer was inundated with contributions for this feature and couldn’t speak to everyone, but spoke to those who sent in the most interesting material”

So, never mind the sports cars overtaking the steamroller let’s just talk to the big guys or those who shout the loudest – never mind those doing anything innovative in digital out of home.

I also took the opportunity to try (yet) again to speak to the News Editor at Marketing Week. I wanted to point them at the most excellent article that Barnaby Page and Paul Mallaghan over at AKA.tv put together about the Macmillan Cancer Support campaign.

See http://www.aka.tv/articles/article.asp?articleid=1170

The response I received was as follows: –

“We write about initiatives before they happen not after or during”

If that is truly the state of our mainstream press then our industry is doomed in getting out of its niche. I hope this is a UK only problem and I look forward to hearing otherwise.

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