Record Figures for Sept 2007

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Record Figures for Sept 2007

My late father always used to say “if you don’t blow your own trumpet then someone else will use it as a spitoon” – he was a navy man after all 😉

As well as a thoroughly vetted 1,000+ email circulation list I am very proud to have blog traffic of pretty much 130 – 200 unique visitors each Mon – Fri and 30 – 40 on Sat and Sun.

Thanks to all our readers.

A spittoon (or spitoon) is an article of furniture made for spitting into, especially by users of chewing tobacco. It is also known as a cuspidor, although that term is also used for a type of spitting sink used in dentistry. Cuspidors are still manufactured today, and commonly seen in fitness centers and gyms adjacent to a drinking fountain.

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