Those Advertising Things in Garages

Geny Caloisi

Yesterday’s 60 Second Interview in London’s free morning newspaper Metro featured Lord Alan Sugar (4/10/10).

The Lovely Yasmina Siadathan

One of the questions he was asked was, “which of the past winners have been good Apprentices?” Yasmina Siadathan was one of the people mentioned, but funnily when he had to describe the type of business she is heading, he said, “she’s on Amscreen, those advertising things in garages” – I guess that is one way to describe them!

The company is continually upping its game. Last month, Amscreen  launched Amscreen LinkLocal, a service that allows local businesses to target potential customers by advertising on one its digital signage screens around the UK. Amscreen LinkLocal works using a live mapping service via its web site, to  provide a tailored search, that enables small businesses to pinpoint exactly where screens are located, and place messages on them.

Amscreen also announced an exclusive deal with private hospital group BMI Healthcare, to provide patients with up-to-date weather information across the Amscreen health care network – even though some of the patients might not be able to go out much, at least they’ll know if it rains or not!

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