CEMUSA’s Digital Newsstands First Pics

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

The future of digital street furniture advertising has been spotted in Times Square and here’s my follow up to last month’s post on CEMUSA’s digital news stands.

A special shout out goes to my good friend, a member of the industry’s league of superheroes- Bill Gerba who just happened to ‘be in the neighborhood’ and was gracious enough to shoot/share his photos for my post.

Admittedly when the folks at  Show+Tell and I, started this project about a year ago I was slightly skeptical on how the heck we were going to meet the requirements of retrofitting these massive LCDs into a depth that is slightly smaller than the width of an Apple iPhone 4.

The issue was also being able to keep operating temperatures inside the structure cool enough so that it didn’t cook the inhabitants of the newsstand AND of course, meeting the biggest challenge of all, fending off the ravages of NYC weather which is where the folks at Display Devices came to the rescue!

My big time respect and props go out to the dream team that CEMUSA had the foresight to pull together;

  • Display Devices
  • Wirespring
  • and last but not least the ever-loving folks at Show+Tell

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