Traveller’s Interactive WallFX

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

You need to see the video clip of this to get its full affect, it’s up on YouTube here

Note the clever way the umbrellas move on the screen as people walk past and / or wave their hands.

It’s a Monster Media installation for Travelers Insurance in Terminal F of Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport in the US.

John Payne, president of Monster Media told us “Airports are an ideal forum for our large-format, interactive displays, such as the one we designed for Travelers. We’ve created and installed versions of this type of interactive experience in many airports around the country, such as JFK and IAD (Dulles), and advertisers have found these venues to be well-suited for reaching mobile and affluent customers in a captivating way.”

The advertisements will run for one year from now we believe.

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