The Brand Reporter OOH Advertising Supplement, India

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Not entirely 100% digital but probably of interest to our Indian readers at the very least. 16th September 2008 sees an Out Of Home advertising supplement in The Brand Reporter.

Chapter summary is as follows: –

  1. Opening Essay What is OOH? Where ‘outdoor’ stood for billboards some years ago, now the word outdoor has been replaced by ‘out-of-home’.
  2. The OOH boom
    Why outdoor is becoming so big. Why is it so attractive now?
    Reasons- explosion in new
  3. The stakeholders
    Who’s involved: The different stakeholders, media owners, resellers, agencies, advertisers, the local authorities.
    A look at new entrants like Big Street, Via OOH, OOH Media,
  4. Tech and innovation
    Moving with the audience: Outdoors moving from just being about hoardings to street furniture
    The role of creative
  5. The new investments
    Most visible turn: the large investments coming in into OOH and how this will impact the industry.
  6. The roadblocks
    The challenges faced by the industry

The interviewed some very interesting people for the supplement, including: –

  • Mr. Inderjit Sen (Stroer Media)
  • Mr. Rabbi Iyer (Big Street)
  • Mr. Robin Carruthers (Clear Channel)
  • Mr. Virender Raina (Serve and Volley)
  • Mr. Praveen Vadera (141 Bates )
  • Mr. Mukesh Manik (Encyclomedia Networks)
  • Mr. Ishan Raina (OOH Media)
  • Mr. Gaurang Shah (Digital Signage)

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