Clear Channel Nuevo Centro ECI Mall Install

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Clear Channel recently rolled out Symbicon Ltd‘s IconOne 57” free standing digital displays in 15 locations throughout Nuevo Centro’s El Corte Ingles Mall in Valencia, Spain. The first installation consisted of twelve double-sided and three single-sided Icon57 digital free standing units.

Double-sided IconOne units are equipped with two integrated industrial PCs and IR touch screen and a camera on the customer’s mall directory side and a digital screen on the other side displaying advertising.

Ignacio Perez Borjabad, Director of Digital Media, Clear Channel Spain told us “We decided to go with touch screens to provide state of the art directories to the mall, not just the old fashioned paper directory, but a digital one with updated shops and providing additional information like events, opening hours, etc.”

He added “On our customer’s side we can offer them interactive services, and that is very important for some campaigns. In the beginning the camera will be used as a person counter, but in the near future we’d like to offer customized marketing to our customers. We’d like to display personalized advertising to whom ever is standing in front of the display.”

All IconOne units include tempered safety glass with anti-glare treatment, robust aluminium casing and Symbicon’s patented electronically controlled cooling system with safety shutdown and start-up operations. The units were powder coated with customer’s choice of RAL colour and painted with customer’s logo.

The software running these is Clear Channel’s very own Spotchart, a US product derived from some ‘IP consultancy’ that we understand Dynamax did with Clear Channel San Antonio many years ago (i.e. the product is pretty much a version of Dynamax). This software powers most, if not all digital 48-sheets in the US for Clear Channel.

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