#DOOHBizKonf ‘Simplifying Business’

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The fourth OVAB Europe Digital Signage Conference got off to a cracking start here in Munich on Tuesday with a slick presentation by organizers Oliver Schwede and Florian Rotberg to the three hundred or so professionals assembled at the Kempinski hotel at the airport. Instead of the traditional power point presentation, the dynamic duo practice what they preach and used a touch-screen monitor to drive their keynote address.

Under the motto ‘Simplifying the Digital Signage Business’, they outlined the seven trends which they have identified as being key to the industry- and which logically formed the backbone of the conference. Taking turns to talk us in detail through each of the points, the trends they covered are as follows:

  1. Green DS – As networks grow in size, then power consumption becomes an issue, not just as a cost factor, but also for corporations wishing to improve their green credentials.
  2. Internet – Internet developments set trends for technology which is ultimately adapted to digital signage.
  3. Software – The question of License or Services could be supplanted by Open Source
  4. Agreggation – Have aggregators served their purpose or is there still a need?
  5. Content – Some operators tend to ignore legal issues and broadcast content without full authorisation
  6. Standards – Key issues for OVAB include establishing a common media currency, proof of display, standardizing audience measurement tools
  7. Finance – After a lean year in 2009, signs are that investment is coming back.

Having set the scene with a well thought through synthesis of current issues, the  strategy track of the conference followed on with convincing presentations by Stefan Kuhlow of Ströer and Oliver Popplebaum of ECE Flatmedia demonstrating two big German networks that do both perform well and make money.

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