#viscomffm – Industry Mixer Frankfurt

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As we mentioned a few weeks ago Thomas Dockter and ourselves are planning an industry mixer in Frankfurt on the evening of 3rd November 2010, i.e. the day before #viscomffm !

The mixer will take place Wirtshaus „Paulaner am Dom“, Domplatz 6, 60311 Frankfurt at 19:00 on Wednesday 3rd November.

Spaces are limited to 40 and it’s first come first served. Learning from the IndustryMixerGuruTM (Dave Haynes Esq.) we have setup an online registration system in order for you to get your ticket.

Drinks for the first 40 people are free unless I get there first and then drinks for the first 36 people will be free because I will have ‘downed’ 4 Weissbier by then!!!

Register by clicking through here

It’s likely to be a very popular event so be quick!

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