ClubCom In-Country Representation

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

François de Gaspé Beaubien, Chairman and Chief Coaching Officer of ZOOM Media realises that not all the ClubCom installed gyms outside the US look as good as this BUT the photos show what can be done with a bit of effort!

In the UK especially, we love what Boomerang Digital have done media sales wise on the digital screen networks with ClubCom (Media Planners and Buyers know it as the “Healthclub Channel” and one of our first questions when we heard of the acquisition was how would that relationship work going forward – knowing that all of Zoom’s media sales in US and Canada are internal.

Gaspé Beaubien told us exclusively earlier today “We look forward to continuing the great relationship that ClubCom has with Boomerang Digital in the U.K.”

Jill Lee at Boomerang Digital told us “This acquisition should provide us with the opportunity for growth. I am hoping it will enable us to launch new channels in new destinations and to use Zoom’s experience and funding and our knowledge of the UK advertising market to expand into new complimentary territories that provide Entertainment and Leisure synergies which compliment our existing HealthClub Channel”

In Australia we believe that ClubCom is represented by Active Media Group / Alternative Advertising and in Japan it’s Kazan / EXIT.

All of these deals and relationships will continue as normal. This looks like a good deal and a win / win for all parties.

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