Life’s Good For BroadSign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Recognizing the complexity of delivering complete turn-key digital signage solutions, LG Electronics USA has selected BroadSign International as the software provider for its newest digital signage solution, SuperSign Premier-s.

The alliance with BroadSign is designed to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to deploy and manage digital signage networks and is expected to further enhance LG’s hardware and solution position.

We are told that LG’s SuperSign Premier provides compelling content offerings that SMBs can use right out of the box. SuperSign Premier’s user interface (UI) is based on BroadSign’s core SaaS technology and has a customized LG UI specifically designed for SMBs deploying networks of 25 players or less.

The hardware package consists of an LG flat panel display (model M4214C) and the LG NC2000 media player that provides access to content management software and starter templates as well as news and weather feeds. SuperSign Premier is also supported by 48-hour on-site hardware swap, technical support and convenient monthly financing.

Jeff Dowell, vice president, Digital Signage, LG Electronics USA told us “Software is a critical component of any digital signage solution and is the impetus behind establishing strong relationships with leading third-party software developers. BroadSign has best-of-class software that, combined with LG hardware, will provide SMBs with the technology solution they need to get up and running quickly.”

Dowell explained that SuperSign Premier is supported by a variety of key content provider partners, led by CNN. LG enjoys a long-standing alliance with news leader CNN, which provides more than a dozen news and entertainment feeds that can be easily and quickly integrated by the end user. LG is also teaming with iStockphoto, which offers easy, affordable and royalty-free photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash® files.

SuperSign Premier also offers direct access to LG’s ‘Certified Content Providers’ (CCP) that offer custom content creation services optimized for the SuperSign Premier system. Initial LG CCP providers include Aspect Productions, Alchemy, Blue Pony and Saddle Ranch Productions.

SuperSign Premier has a target monthly price of USD149 for 36 months and is currently available at select major distributors. The product is available to order now and is planned for shipping this month. Supplementary features to further enhance SuperSign Premier are expected in the coming months.

12 Responses to “Life’s Good For BroadSign”

  1. Foie Gras Says:

    Following on from Samsungs Tragicnet, NEC’s Fukunet, Sony’s Zirix ( sounds like an antibiotic for the pox………. comes the astonishing news that Broadsinus have decided to drop their pants and join the ranks of the lowly market entry bundled solutions. Could this ever be attributed to the smoke and fire antics at BS or their initial cash burn????? Dear oh dear, here we go again!
    How long will this one last? Bets please? Maybe as long as a BS exec in Europe lasted?

  2. Dmitry Says:

    Unlike the other MFG solutions mentioned by the eloquent poster above, the LG/BSI deal is an actual reputable software re-skinned and offered under the LG Brand. Full Broadsign CMS and creator is offered as part of this deal.

    Much like Scala-HP partnership, this deal has wings. Let’s see if LG has the market prowess to make it work. (…while not pissing off other software partners that will see this as direct competition to their software platform and may turn their nose away from LG screens)

    MagicInfo and Vukunet have their place also, just not as an enterprise platform. Many resellers are successfully deploying both in their own niche applications. With personal experience in both, they are quite capable for the right application, especially considering the price tag.

  3. Smokin Joe Says:

    Hey Foie Gras – you have a way with words just like Dr Seuss. Maybe you should stick to writing for children, since you don’t have anything constructive (either positive or negative) to say beyond catchy puns.

    Honestly – I have known Broadsign for a long time and have to admit that their software is fantastic for enterprise class projects, but they were never quite an SMB product. I think this LG partnership makes perfect sense, finally giving broadsign a way to cater to the SMBs out there.

    I’ve seen this new Supersign, and it’s a vast improvment over the other LFD software attempts that you mention. Maybe you should take the time to get to know the products you’re flaming, if you want anyone to take you seriously.

  4. BS Alternative Says:

    As an industry veteran it is easy to slag any new development by a competitor but this looks like it has been done well. Some of the other players in the DailyDOOH Top 10 need to keep an eye on this especially if they don’t have something similar in the roadmap.

  5. Foie Gras Says:

    Dmitry, eloquent, I don’t think so. You are correct in your hypothesis that Broadsinus LG will ‘piss on and off’ other players. Not just software and

  6. Foie Gras Says:

    Whoops too quick with my send button………. Hardware vendors but also systems integrators. There is a niche for these guys, bargain basement. In my humble experience and opinion, this type of effort only serves to dilute the offering by serving it up as ‘ there you go, dime a dozen, poison as a penny, we know best stuff. Is this the genesis of true margin erosion for the SW in DS?
    If Broadsinus were so sharp why didn’t Brian the brain take this tack years back instead of hoisting the enterprise SAAS model?

  7. tanto rumore per.. BroadSign & LG | AssoDS Associazione operatori Digital Signage Says:

    […] un occhiata all’ultimo articolo su DailyDooh ma in particolare ai commenti conseguenti a questo […]

  8. Foie Gras Says:

    Oh smokin Joe, humourless and unable to see the repositioning of Broadsinus from Enterprise to SME sector for what it is. I’m far too young to know Dr.Seuss, maybe he is of your vintage? It’s not flamin, it’s flaming. Enough go prime your napalm while I deal with the Paris traffic and consider your erudite piffle.

  9. Solomon is dead Says:

    Yo have to give it to Froggy Foie Gras, he is one smart ass. I like his style. Ole hillbillly Smokin Joe don’t read or write too well. 7 years in 4th grade? Reads darned angry so he does. Wasn’t one of the founders of BS in the state pen for and let’s be careful with this for alleged financial irregularities’? Yeehaaaaw bring Scala to the Thanksgiving carvery next folks

  10. Industry Expert Says:

    I saw this product at InfoComm under a different name “SignNet.” Looks like LG had a name change upon release? This bundle is perfect for the SMB market and does not interfere with the Enterpise business. As a reseller I can appreciate this offering as the total package with service is perfect for one off deals. I can focus my time on the larger deals knowing my cusotmers are all set. Nice job Broadsign and LG for FINALLY taking some of the complexities away!

  11. IT / AV Hunter Says:

    I also saw this at InfoComm and was impressed. It appears the price is actually lower than what they mentioned in June (now $149 a month including the hardware). I believe they were quoting $179.

    I am not sure the competition will be able to get close to this when matched apples-to-apples.

    I am glad to see a reputable SaaS company behind the curtain.

    I believe this is going to be one of those solutions where people can really start to see how affordable and easily managed digital signage solutions can be for SMBs.

  12. A sad day in DOOH Says:

    Never before has an article’s comments so clearly demonstrated everything that is wrong with the DOOH industry.

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