50 Inquiries In 2 Days

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Chris Riegel from STRATACACHE tells us that in the first 2 days of launching their ‘Technology Acquisition Fund‘ they had “over 50 inquiries into the opportunity to be ‘rolled up’ or to have STRATACACHE invest”

He added “Some VERY interesting companies. What we anticipated to be a trickle is turning into a tidal wave”

The post itself has been viewed well over 300 times and we continue to see a steady stream of folks click through to http://www.stratacache.com/acquisition.php

One Response to “50 Inquiries In 2 Days”

  1. dmitry Says:

    Although I see the value of making funds accessible to these projects, the initiative is riding a fine line of being preditorial.

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