Windows Phone 7 App For Web Signage Platform

Giuseppe Andrianò

Edisonweb, a software solutions provider based in Italy and developer of the digital signage platform Web Signage, announced a [Windows Phone 7 application] that makes it possible to monitor the status of individual media players within a digital signage network.

This app joins the ones recently released for iPhone and Android, increasing the availability of options to monitor the digital signage network in mobility.

The Web Signage for Windows Phone 7 app enables the user for a direct access to each media player while on the move and makes possible to check content updates and alerts, find the player position with Bing Maps, display the last display screen shot and verify key operational values such as temperature, CPU usage, available memory, resolution and other information on the operating system.

The Web Signage for Windows Phone 7 app is now available through the Marketplace for free. In order to be able to use the application, an account for the Web Signage Server platform is needed. A free 30-days test account can be requested on the Web Signage homepage. The software Web Signage Server manages the administration and publication of multimedia content through a profiled multi-user and multi-role access. This is even possible on several digital signage networks simultaneously. The platform can also monitor and provide a detailed reporting of the advertising runs.

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