EnGage QR Code Support

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EnQii showcased the integration of Quick Response Codes with Digital Signage at the CETW show in New York a few weeks back – QR codes are of course scannable 2–D bar codes containing data. A shopper for example, could photograph the code using a smartphone application and receive venue, product and user specific offers and product information linked to the content displayed on the digital sign.

Max Stevens-Guille, EnQii’s Chief Technology Officer told us “Retailers are continuing to innovate to ensure that customers get the most relevant information at the point of purchase. QR codes linked to digital signage allows retailers to close the promotional loop in–store and give their customers relevant offers at the point of purchase. EnGage’s QR codes embed the store’s id into the code so that we can keep track of where people are viewing the ads across a chain as well as seeing what they are viewing.”

The QR codes are integrated with EnQii’s EnGage platform – in the future as EnGage links with ePOS and inventory data it will allow for items that are in stock and perhaps over stocked to be promoted via QR codes and can also be linked to loyalty programs as well as influencing playlist content based on individual or group profiles.

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