Psst, Want To Buy A Regional Player?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Denmark deal flow specialist 1st Corporate Technologies Ltd. is currently shopping around an investment opportunity under the code name project ‘Wings’. ‘Wings’ is a so-called ‘regional leader in Digital Signage’ and described as a full-service provider that is “looking for a strong partner and/or acquirer”

O, train me not, sweet mermaid

Not surprisingly (on paper at least) ‘Wings’ is; a market leader, one of the largest players in the European digital signage industry, has great technology and has a “unique opportunity to scale the business internationally” – oh and ‘Wings’ boasts a customer base of more than 12,500 screens!

“Not only does the Company sell the project of designing, configuring, manufacturing and installing cutting edge Digital Signage equipment, it also sells the day-to-day services that are at the core of any of its digital signage installation. These include content production, -management, -hosting and -surveillance as well as on-site service and media sales” says the sales document.

We are also told that “the Company serves household brands in retail and transportation” but as ‘Wings’ is a hardware/software company based in Scandinavia that’s not actually a real surprise!

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