Carrefour Athens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Carrefour in Athens

I saw some great networks when I was over in Athens earlier this week. I particularly liked the Carrefour network. 9 stores in the Athens / Attica area I believe, with another 40 to come in next 12 months.

The network is managed and run by i-contact.

Over 90 brands have been advertised on the network to date.

Approx 1.4m per month footfall

Some interesting EPOS related measurement reporting in place so they can measure the affectiveness of in-store brand advertising.

The content is focused on promotional offers and price deals as well as time sensitive promotions.

They seem to have multiple content zones – they say to avoid watching the same thing in all screens. Loop lengths vary from 5 minutes in the case of the Dairy sector (dairy products and health information) up to 10 minutes at the entrance.

Bottom line; it’s a nice, well thought out, profitable grocery network.

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  1. Dan Williams Says:

    This network is operated on an ASP model, between I-Contact & Carrefour. In undertaking this project I-Contact leaned heavily on learnings from the UK market, in fact with IQ Digital Media Networks providing significant consultancy. This consisted of advice on infrastructure design, including screen positionings, technology, as well as content programming.
    As well as supplying software and playout appliances for the trial IQ’s engineers assisted local installation teams and for an initial period the network was operated remotely from the UK.

    The content schedule includes store branding, and mainly in-store promotions which cleverly incorporate TV comercials set within more animated branded backgrounds to enable the tie in of the familiar TV ads.with a digital in-store promotion message.

    Carrefour carries out all its media sales itself in order to aviod conflicts of interests between trading deals, and has proved successful leading to further expansion.

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