ScreenScape Location Based Marketing Service

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

KB Media, Toronto-based distributor of Mirror Image products in Canada, has chosen ScreenScape, a community-based digital signage network and key enabler of location-based media, to power a new location-based marketing service based on ScreenScape technology.

KB Media operates a national advertising network that spans restaurants, bars, arenas and community sporting venues. David Brisson, president and CEO, KB Media, says that the company has found in ScreenScape a technology partner that can help KB Media rapidly expand its points of presence and help it to focus on what it do best: working on behalf of its advertising clients to deliver memorable experiences that resonate with today’s consumer

“A ScreenScape Group gives us a KB-powered command center for distributing content to the ScreenScape Community and we are excited to bring this technology to our existing venue clients and advertisers, many of whom have requested this comprehensive digital solution,” Brisson says. “We also look forward to working with established members of the ScreenScape Community to involve them in our campaigns.”

In contrast to stand-alone digital signage systems, all members of ScreenScape share a common technology infrastructure. In the process of creating content for their own screen displays, ScreenScape members can use techniques more commonly associated with today’s social media networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to share content and form groups.

ScreenScape single venue licenses help small businesses to create and manage their own digital signs and to share their content with any other member of the ScreenScape Community. A ScreenScape Group allows a network operator to draw upon the ScreenScape Community to develop a content sharing network that centralizes advertising opportunities and reaches out to digital displays operated by any other member of ScreenScape.

ScreenScape technology supports integration with social media technologies, which affords its members the opportunity to engage with customers through their mobile phone.

“ScreenScape technology gives us the ability to use digital signage to engage with consumers both visually and, building on social media services like twitter and foursquare, through their mobile phones,” says Brisson. “This opens up new and exciting ways for our customers to build their brand in an increasingly connected age.”

Kevin Dwyer, president and CEO, ScreenScape says that the partnership with KB Media capitalizes on a natural strategic fit that exists between KB Media and ScreenScape.

He says, “Our leadership in community-based digital signage and our focus on the underlying technology is complemented by their expertise in developing strong relationships with advertisers and delivering compelling marketing experiences that resonate with today’s youth.”

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