Texas Rangers Ballpark Upgrade

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Brookings, South Dakota-based Daktronics Inc. has been chosen to provide a HD upgrade for the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

The project is expected to incorporate large-screen LED displays, professional-grade LCD screens and a powerful control system to deliver HD digital content throughout the Major League Baseball stadium.

Chuck Greenberg Rangers managing partner and CEO, says that fans will be treated to a new entertainment experience with video, technology and audio upgrades

The Home Run Porch, behind right field, will feature a new video display approximately 42’ high by 120’ wide. A new video display will also replace the existing monochrome ‘Coke’ display in centerfield and will measure approximately 25’ high by 28’ wide.

Both the Home Run Porch and Coke displays will use Daktronics’ 15mm LED technology, featuring enhanced resolution and improved image quality. The video boards can operate as single large displays or be divided into multiple zones to show a wide variety of information, statistics, animation, graphics and live and recorded video.

The new Daktronics LED video displays, and the existing ribbon and field-level displays that were installed in 2009, will be combined with over 800 Sony professional-grade LCD monitors to create a digital media network. The Daktronics system will be an IPTV solution delivering different live content on 10 HD channels to any display in the stadium.

Daktronics’ data integration capabilities will instantly present up-to-the-minute scores, statistics, news and information on any IPTV channel.

While offering true sponsor exclusivity, its IPTV system will allow operators to override content on any or all LED or LCD displays in the ballpark to show a sponsor’s logo or advertisement guaranteeing venue-wide exposure and greater value for marketing partners as well as increased revenue opportunities.

Daktronics Show Control system will handle management of the displays.

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