Revenge Of The Lottery Advert

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Spotted in Hamlet Court Road in Southend on Sea here we see the Camelot UK national lottery rollout getting its own back on being obscured elsewhere, see ‘How To Sell Lottery Tickets (Not) here with Lottery balloons getting in the way of the Amscreen deployment.

Personally if I was in charge of Camelot I’d get rid of a lot of the (far too small) Lottery screens and use Amscreen where installed in their place.

2 Responses to “Revenge Of The Lottery Advert”

  1. Simon Sugar Says:

    Well put ….Camelot screens waste of time in stores where we have screens, trouble is they have spent the money already on their kit and are lumbered with them!

  2. Jason Cremins Says:

    I’m sure Simon would like the opportunity to replace the Camelot estate of 28,000 screens with Amscreen units, now that would provide the ‘critical mass’ the media industry craves from digital signage.

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