Smartsign And IAdea Launch SMIL Platform

Geny Caloisi

Swedish digital signage software company Smartsign and IAdea, a manufacturer of digital signage players and integrated displays, have teamed up to deliver a new solution for the digital signage market using the SMIL open technology.

“The most common business cases are based on techniques where transparency and de facto standards are breached. Smartsign has chosen a path that makes it easier for customers to use existing content, and buy /re-use hardware from any supplier” says Johan Peters CEO at Smartsign.

The solution combines Smartsign’s easy-to-use Smartsign Manager software with IAdea’s media appliance technology powering the Smartsign Hardware Player and the Smartsign Mini Screen.

Smartsign’s software features an intuitive, calendar-based scheduling interface. Using a web browser or a Windows application, users can easily schedule media loops to play during parts of the day with multiple scheduling functions.Playlists can be assigned a priority, which allows important messages to override currently playing content. Media types supported includes popular video and picture formats as well as PowerPoint slideshow.

By leveraging the SMIL open standard, Smartsign’s software will work with all present and future digital signage hardware that supports the W3C SMIL standard, including the low-cost IAdea XMP-120 Standard Definition Media Appliance and a line of ‘digital signboard’ integrated displays from 15” to 24” with built-in SMIL players.

Users can take advantage of a special discount at the moment to obtain the Smartsign Mini Screen including software license for just EUR 520.

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