LinkedIn DailyDOOH Group Discussions

Chris Sheldrake

It’s still early days with the new LinkedIn Group discussion features but our group members seem to be getting to grips with it. Recent new discussions have included…

  • How can we change the retailer expectation to ensure eventual profitability?
    From Hal Stiles, IT Strategy & Services Consultant – Media & Entertainment
  • How can we highlight the profitability of Digital Signage with the POS ?
    From Sebastien Haas, Owner, Mediatec SPRL/BVBA
  • What’s the best number of screens per supermarket surface?
    From Pieter Vanermen, Managing Partner at Mediatec

From a user interface perspective we still don’t think the (LinkedIn) platform itself is ideal for discussions but it’s a start.

Browse to if you want to join in the debates.

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