Football Industry “nose” the importance of Comic Relief

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 14:53

Great to see one of our Screen Members doing its part for the community and for charity. A great donation AND a great idea.

If anyone else in the UK is doing anything for RED NOSE day I would be interested in hearing about it.

Press Release


MDM.TV, Europe’s premier trans-stadia TV network, announced today a donation of airtime worth over £100,000 to run a Comic Relief Red Nose Day outdoor digital advertising campaign. The campaign, which began in February, will reach over one million football fans by Red Nose Day.

Running in advance of Red Nose Day on 16th March 2007, the campaign will raise awareness of other fundraising initiatives and drive fans to the Comic Relief website to order the Red Nose Day DVD online.

The content has been specifically designed for the MDM.TV network with a silhouette character playing “keepie-uppie” using a red nose as a football. The advert will run across the 14 stadia network in high-profile football grounds such as Old Trafford, Celtic Park and St James’ Park reaching the affluent 16-44 year old ABC1 male.

In addition to this, interaction design agency Splendid have also offered their services free of charge to redesign the MDM.TV network output specifically for the duration of the Red Nose Day campaign. This will include a red nose icon and a branded screen ticker application allowing operators at the stadiums to populate the screen ticker with news stories related to Comic Relief.

Karl Reynolds, Head of Fundraising at Comic Relief, said: “Red Nose Day is the one day of the year that we are able to really promote the work that we do and being offered the airtime to encourage football fans to support the day is a great opportunity for the charity. Football is the national sport and raising awareness of Comic Relief to so many fans is fantastic.”

Gerry McKenna, CEO of MDM.TV adds: “Comic Relief is well established in the UK calendar and everyone is aware of the fantastic work they do. We wanted to donate airtime so our affluent audience of football fans know when it is happening this year and what they can do to help. The creative has been designed by our team and engages the football fans so they can really get involved in the day.”


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