Scala Self-Service Ordering System

Geny Caloisi

Don’t you hate long waits for the waiter to take your order? I also find it annoying when I just sat down and I’m catching up with my dining companion, and the waiter insist on “Do you know what you want to order yet?” Well, these small disturbances are a thing of the past for Germany’s holyfields restaurants’ customers. Holyfields has implemented an interactive ordering system powered by Scala.

With the goal of creating a digital ordering system to speed up the ordering process, holyfields partnered with Newroom Media and the Ippolito Fleitz Group to develop user-friendly self-service kiosks. To order a meal, a customer simply selects his or her preferred food and drink on one of the kiosks and then proceeds to a cashier. They receive pagers that will alert them from their tables when food is ready for pick-up.

With the ordering system in place, customers eliminate time wasted waiting for someone to seat them, take their order and serve their meal.

“At holyfields, our ordering system is reliant on the new terminals. Failure or downtime would result in customer dissatisfaction and a loss of money,” said Gerhard Schöps, Managing Director of holyfields. “Therefore, the operation of these terminals is crucial. We are very satisfied with the speed and reliability of the Scala software, as are our customers.”

The kiosks feature an intuitive design interface, high level of scalability, modern design, and a constant and stable system capable of operating for 17 hours a day. Each kiosk is equipped with a 32-inch Samsung LCD display, Tyco Electronics IntelliTouch Surface Wave Touchscreens and a DE7000 Digital Engine from AOpen.

The kiosk interface uses only Scala scripts, including some never used before, as well as specially developed optical effects such as transparent pop-ups. Scala Content Manager and Scala Player software drive content to the screens.

In the future, holyfields wants to work with Scala to extend the system to allow customers to pay directly at the terminal and to integrate terminal payment methods for paying instantly and automatically via credit card and cell phone.

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