Minicom To Launch ScreenGate

Geny Caloisi

Minicom Digital Signage is launching its new solution family ScreenGate at #ISEUROPE next week. The ScreenGate solution family includes ScreenGate Management Gateway – which offers management capability, with Proof-of-Performance technology included – and ScreenGate IP Streaming solution – which offers IP streaming media delivery advantages.

Ronni Guggenheim, CEO of MDS told us “With its new ScreenGate solution, MDS is further expanding its innovative offer to the Digital Signage market. We are proud to be the first company in the market to offer an IP streaming solution specifically designed to respond to the challenges of digital signage networks”

He added “ScreenGate IP Streaming has been designed in close cooperation with some of the leading DooH network operators, incorporating their feedback and answering some of their current challenges. ScreenGate solution is not just a media distribution solution over IP: with ScreenGate Management Gateway (SMG), ScreenGate is a media delivery solution which ensures the media to be delivered to the screen. By seamlessly integrating with SMG, ScreenGate IP Streaming benefits from the built-in patented Proof of Performance and offers a full management plug-in to enable comprehensive display access, control and management, making it the next generation management platform for Digital Signage displays around the globe.”

2 Responses to “Minicom To Launch ScreenGate”

  1. Chris Heap Says:

    Would appreciate more detail – what does the management plug-in actually do?

  2. danny Says:

    Some of the highlights that the ScreenGate IP Streaming management plug-in enables:
    1. monitoring the display output to make sure player media is indeed displayed

    2. monitoring the player media output and display media input stream to faciliate in root cause analysis and establish network performance

    3. accessing the display remotely to enable display-agnostic display control

    4. switching over between different channel sources to enable continuous playback in case of player failure

    5. identifying the media space uniquely to simplify display asset maintanance

    Danny Lev

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