Chilin Solutions: Three Become One

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Chilin Solutions is a new business formed by combining Chilin Technology’s commercial LCD display group, Vertigo Digital Displays and Chilin’s commercial e-paper display solutions group.

Brian Carskadon, v-p, product management; Scott Hix; J.B. Daines, sr. v-p, ww sales; Brad Gleeson

The three businesses have been operating informally together for the past six months, but have now formalized the arrangement under the new company name. The new specialty display business, integrating display technology product lines, aims at expanding Chilin’s global market reach and customer service.

Chilin Solutions is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with facilities located in Tainan, Taiwan, Toronto, Canada, and Soest, Netherlands.

This means Vertigo can now publicly position Chilin as its parent company, giving it the benefit of a US$1.8 billion corporation backing its business, says Brad Gleeson, named executive vice-president and general manager DOOH.

“From a financial credibility and sustainability standpoint, this is significant,” says Gleeson. “In addition, it gives Vertigo (now Chilin Solutions DOOH) access to 50 engineers directly, a global supply chain, low-cost manufacturing, advanced backlight and engineered materials capabilities, and a lot more.”

Chilin Technology’s commercial LCD display business is focused on the design and manufacturing of a broad range of commercial LCD monitors and specialty displays for many of the world’s leading brands. Products from Chilin Solutions range from 32”-to-82” diagonal, as well as super-narrow bezel displays for even larger videowall applications. Chilin Solutions also offers such advanced technology products as super-slim LED edge-lit displays less than 1” thick; large-format multi-touch displays; high-resolution Q-FHD displays; and high-brightness liquid-cooled outdoor displays – along with optical bonding and display enhancement services.

Chilin Technology acquired Vertigo Digital Displays, which offers design and development of custom and ruggedized display systems for the transit, retail and DOOH advertising industries, in 2009. Vertigo’s outdoor digital advertising displays, indoor digital mall directories and digital drive-through menu boards are used by many of the world’s leading media companies, digital signage networks and quick service restaurant operators.

Leveraging Chilin Technology’s existing e-Paper technology display modules, Chilin Solutions will create complete solutions for commercial applications including electronic shelf labels, digital fact tags, and numerous other applications. Chilin management says that demand for e-paper commercial displays is forecast to exceed $1billion by 2012.

“Our goal is to offer the broadest product range, at the most competitive prices, while being extremely easy to do business with,” says Richard Soong, chairman of Chilin Technology.

“We are already seeing the benefit from this integration with our current project to supply outdoor digital displays to the NYC subway system,” says Gleeson. “The 55” liquid-cooled, LED edge-lit, optically bonded outdoor display we’ve delivered for this project is a joint development between the teams in Toronto and Tainan, Taiwan. The experience has been tremendously positive for all involved.”

Gleeson says that the cross-pollenization and cross-marketing between the three teams can create some unique products and business opportunities.

Ralph Idems continues in his current role as managing director, Toronto operations – home of the Chilin Solutions DOOH business unit. Chris Bolton stays on as design director. Scott Hix, who has been general manager of Chilin Commercial Display business becomes president and CEO of the new Chilin Solutions. Gleeson, former CEO of Vertigo, gets the new exec. v-p & gm, DOOH, title. Ralph Idems and Chris Bolton remain the core team for the DOOH business unit.

Chilin Solutions will be exhibiting examples of its commercial, DOOH and e-paper display product lines at #ISEurope in Amsterdam.

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