Dirk Huelsermann VUKUNET In Europe

Geny Caloisi

NEC Display Solutions has decided to make a bold move into the digital signage space by launching VUKUNET in Europe. On the 1st January 2011 the company hired Dirk Hülsermann as Manager DOOH Solutions.

We had a meeting with Hülsermann at #iseurope and he explained how this is a totally different business for NEC and a great opportunity for the European market. Hülsermann’s previous job was at NEO Advertising, a DOOH network operator, so he has an inside knowledge on the workings of the market.

Developed by NEC and first launched in the US a year ago, VUKUNET Ad Management is an automated ad-serving platform for digital place-based media. The VUKUNET website and product have no resemblance to NEC as a brand and it will work as a separate side of business from NEC’s DS displays.

Hülserman explains, “The Web-based platform offers solution that makes it easier for ad agencies to plan and buy their DOOH campaigns. VUKUNET is software and hardware agnostic. It provides ad scheduling, playback and reporting engine to an industry that has had almost no interoperability or standardization across literally hundreds of solutions providers and operating networks.”

The VUKUNET Platform for digital out-of-home network operators and vendors, was conceived and designed specifically to address the way advertising agencies approach media buying, and then make it much easier for both the buyers and networks to run revenue-generating campaigns.

“VUKUNET offers a simple platform for networks to capture advertising they might not get otherwise,” says Hülsermann,  “Network operators can register for free on VUKUNET. They can describe in detail the reach of the network, type of audience, footfall, demographics, etc. This information is then available for agencies and they can plan their ad campaign across different networks withouth having to worry about scheduling, who the network owner is, etc.”

NEC is showing a range of products at #iseurope including the MultiSync range and the LED videowall, a new high-end three-chip DLP HLO projector, several short throw projectors, three new installation projector platforms for the P-/PA-/PX-series.

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