French Associations Unite to Form FCV

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Three leading French associations, the SYNAFEL (Syndicat National de l’Enseigne et de la Signalétique – National Association of Sign Makers), the GPSF (Groupement Professionnel de la Sérigraphie Française – French Silk-Screen Printers Trade Group) and the  Digital Media Association France (ex APCAD) signed a letter of agreement last Thursday to create the Federation of Visual Communications (FCV)

L to R :Guillaume Tondeur, President SYNAFEL, Michel Caza, Vice-President GPSF Marc Ballu, President DMA France

The point of creating the Federation is straight forward: by joining forces (representing 700 businesses) the new federation gains in strength and credibility as a political lobby in particular in the debate over the TLPE (Taxe Locale sur la Publicité Extérieure) a local tax on outdoor advertising.

It is also a question of working together and exchanging information. Michel Caza believes that the profession needs horizontal expansion, such as joining up with the GPSF, as much as it need vertical expansion “Today a printer who simply prints images can’t survive. He has to become a complete service-provider”.

The Federation has a lot of work to do. Already it is establishing plans for a rotating annual presidency. Linking up with other professional associations, such as POPAI, is also envisaged. Another idea would be to create a network partner-members, such as the “Enseigne et Innovation” (“Sign & Innovation”) Club, which has 150 members from the point-of-sale sector.

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