Ocean Outdoor Unveils Brand Refresh

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps the only outdoor advertising company in the UK that doesn’t wish that digital would go away, Ocean Outdoor chose Valentine’s Day to announce a brand refresh – and very refreshing it is too.

The Art of Outdoor

Branding agency Heavenly worked with Ocean Outdoor Marketing Director Richard Malton to create a new brand identity and positioning which more defines Ocean Outdoor’s unique positioning and personality within the outdoor marketplace.

Richard Sunderland, CEO of Heavenly told us “Ocean has a unique and very high-end product and we wanted to reflect that in the new branding. When it comes to truly premium out-of-home sites, less really is more and Ocean dominates this space. It’s fitting that this brand should have such a premium look and feel in its category,”

A new tag line, The Art of Outdoor, reinforces the concept of Ocean Outdoor as an innovative boutique media owner which is pushing the boundaries and possibilities of digital outdoor and live audience engagement.

Richard Malton told us “Our remit is to create inspirational experiences for aspirational brands and in doing so shape the future of outdoor. This brand refresh encapsulates Ocean’s credentials as masters of the Art of Outdoor, at the premium end of the market”.

The launch is supported by a three week trade press and outdoor ad campaign.

Ocean Outdoor’s eclectic portfolio of premium roadside sites and full motion digital billboards include the London Imax, Liverpool Media Wall, Birmingham City Bull Ring, the Two Towers on London’s A4 and Eat Street at the Westfield Shopping Centre.

3 Responses to “Ocean Outdoor Unveils Brand Refresh”

  1. Hmmm... Says:

    I think Armani Exchange might be on the phone…

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    That was a cryptic comment from ‘Hmmm…” so we had to check it out, for those interested take a look at the Armani Exchange logo, see http://www.emobilez.com/wallpapers/i-iphone-wallpapers-267-funky-297-armani-exchange-logo-14612.htm

  3. Ian Bendover Says:

    How much did O | O pay Heavenly for this? I could have done better with my Etch-a-Sketch. Apart from looking very similar to the Armani Exchange brand it actually looks like someone bending over wearing a thong!

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