Quick Thoughts On TitanCast

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TargetCast’s deal with Titan, which we exclusively revealed this week, certainly caught everyone by surprise. We are certain that absolutely no-one “saw that coming”. Interestingly though, the reaction from the senior execs in the industry that we have spoken to has all been very positive.

Jerry Hall is a nice guy and that probably has something to do with the positive spin we have heard from all quarters (our scoop, which probably shocked them initially, was handled professionally and courteously by all involved and says a lot about the management team of both parties).

One caveat is that it will be very interesting to see if the Titan team can effectively sell the TargetCast inventory – it’s not what they are used to of course. That said, a sales force of 125 should be able to put some dollars on the board.

As Gail wrote “we’ve agreed to hold off a more inclusive article for a day or two” so will have more details for readers soon but like many in the industry we are keen to see how this new partnership pans out.

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