Robin Reardon Leaves CRI

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Looks like Robin Reardon has quietly stepped down from her role as President Creative Realities, Inc. – she lasted 1 year 9 months it seems.

CRI haven’t adjusted their webpage yet with her profile (still here as we write this post) but her LinkedIn Profile reflects the move.

Perhaps Mr Paul Price is turning CRI into an ad agency after all.

4 Responses to “Robin Reardon Leaves CRI”

  1. CW Says:

    Would that be an agency with only two employees left? You can pitch a lot with a CEO and a head of BD. Can’t do much though, huh.

  2. Big Says:

    CRI seems like they’re at a pivotal point. Every company has these moments. CRI needs to be forthright and admit; they are mismanaged. They don’t have a clear objective in the marketplace. They have some bad apples. They are hemorrhaging personnel to competitors.

    So, will they continue to mismanage resources? Will they continue to operate with no clear path? Will they force personnel to seek alternatives?

    Large integrations that are custom and cool is a business. Rolling out networks is a business. An ad agency is a business. CRI has to choose which one they want to be…or how to swelter it all together…otherwise they will have mass hysteria and independent groups operating without guidance or leadership.

    Palm, HP, Apple and Honda all have these issues. But it is up to the CEO and managing directors to steer a company into greatness or peril. This humble reader feels like CRI has the chance to pull it together…or lose it all.

  3. JD Says:

    Maybe the real story here is CRI’s mid-level managers that have conflicting interests…OneSource…anybody…anybody?

    It’s terrible to think, but are the managing partners completely unaware of this or do they purposefully throw a blind eye…how could anyone be that dense or detached?

  4. SnazzyPants Says:

    As a former CRI staffer, who has infact moved on to greener pastures, here’s my 2 cents:
    The Serior Management is a complete mess. Compared to other agencies I have worked with (and for) CRI is/was a great bunch of creative people, with very poor Exec Management at the helm. Paul Price is wanna-be rockstar with a macho ego, who just doesnt have the Leadership and Team Building skills to make it a well oiled machine with a clear direction. Under Robin Reardons leadership, the company had a better sense of who they were, where they were going, and that Reardon was a great leader and an approachable Boss. Price totally changed the direction of things, confused the team and made the whole company a very different place. It doesnt surprise me that Reardon has since left CRI, since the battles between them were frequent. Ad Agency or Design Firm…… the remaining staff are just waiting for Paul to tell them what they are going to be it seems.

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