Air BP Staff Is ‘Safe2go’ With Digital Signage Comms

Geny Caloisi

Air BP, the specialised aviation division of BP, has adopted digital signage to communicate with its staff. AllSee Technologies 19” Digital Advertising Displays were used to narrowcast the Safe2go project. Screens were installed into 26 aviation fuelling stations at airports across the UK. Using this method of internal communication meant that all locations could be updated simultaneously.

The project’s content included: general health and safety information; company policies; crucial services and procedures; up to the minute action information; risk prevention; company recruitment; warning notices;  fire safety information.

The Safe2go project was a huge success,” explains Dominika Pidzik of BP. “The Digital Advertising Displays offered numerous advantages over our old static notice boards which very rarely got updated or looked at and had a very unprofessional appearance.”

As well as providing the hardware for the project full technical support and customer service was provided by AllSee Technologies.


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