Arsenal’s Buzzwall Takes Centre Stage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Exhibitions can be row upon row of square booths if organisers are not careful. One of the many things we liked about ScreenMediaExpo last year (May 2010) was that they had lots of other exhibits to break up the monotony.

Whether it be Scott Anthony’s wonderful DIgiAdvans which were dotted around the show floor or the Yesco double decker buses (albeit parked outside) we had a show where a square booth was not the default (our blogger lounge was unfortunately a bit boring but we are looking at improving that this year).

Arsenal Integrated's BuzzWall at DSE 2011

This year the organisers are taking all of this one step further; courtesy of Arsenal Integrated / Christie Managed Services a giant award winning BuzzWall will greet exhibitors as they step onto the show floor (shown above as it is seen at the Miami Dolphins Sun Life stadium in the US and to the right here as it was seen at DSE2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year).

Once inside visitors will be treated to (more) DigiAdvans, iTaxiTop Mini’s, holograms used as virtual Mannequins, washroom advertising, various virtual shelves (including the famous one from Intel / Adidas but also, most likely another one from Christie) and much more.

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  1. James Abdool Says:

    Looks awesome. I have a couple of clients/agencies that this matches their brief so will bring them along

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