Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Geny and I are heading out to Moscow at the end of this month for Digisky’s DOOH conference (May 31st at the Korston Hotel) entitled ‘Digital Signage, there is no alternative!

There’s a whole host of good speakers provisionally lined up; David Drain, Guillaume de la Tour, Victor Osipov, Anastasia Yusina, Vladimir Kozlov to name but a few and I figured I would have my work cut out to impress amongst that lot.

Then an idea came to me as I was sailing around the Canary Islands last week. We are doing a branding exercise for a large hospitality chain based on the ‘lifetime value of a customer’ and based on their digital footprint.

My presentation ‘Don’t you know Who I Am?‘ is going to demonstrate what digital signage and digital out of home should be doing in this context.

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