I’m Paul Flanigan

Guest Contributor, Paul Flanigan

In the past several months I have developed a real passion for social media as part of digital media because I see this converging – mobile, digital signage, OOH, all of it starting to work together. I am also digging deep into speaking and teaching. I am no longer with The Preset Group on a day to day basis but am available when the need arises.

With that, I am indeed looking for employment, and I created the interactive resume above because I felt it would better represent me, my experience, my capabilities, and my passion, much better than words on paper.

I invite you to dig through it. It’s short – it will take up maybe 10 minutes total if you look through all of it.


2 Responses to “I’m Paul Flanigan”

  1. Raji Kalra Says:

    Looks great Paul. You have balls and are creative. Do you think interactive video like this could work on touch screens for digital signage? That is a “game changer” if Youtube videos can be interactive content….very interesting.

  2. Paul Flanigan Says:

    Hi Raji,

    Yes, I do think this could work. This little video took me about 5 hours total to create, and most of that was in post production (graphics, sound effects). If you had all the principal shooting planned out in advance, you could take something like very deep into education through touch screens.

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