I’m Revolutionizing Mobile Advertising

JP Biamby

A company called, Amobee Media Systems, is quietly revolutionizing the way mobile advertisers measure ROI on mobile, online and traditional out of home ad campaigns. 

Based in Redwood City, California, this start up has already been named as the ‘The World’s Most Valuable Mobile Advertising Company‘ by the Business Insider and now has offices in London, Israel & Australia.

Amobee’s core business has been Online & Mobile advertising however they have been pushing the envelope by combining the reach of traditional out of home (OOH) networks and the relevant personalized experience that Mobile devices offer consumers.

Harry Dewhirst, VP of Media Strategies for Amobee, has been spearheading this movement of interactive Mobile advertising infused with Digital Out Of Home (DOOH). Sparked by revolutionary concepts that allow media buyers to ‘pay for mobile ads based on performance’ or whenever a user interacts with traditional media through their mobile device. This technology enables Amobee’s customers to offer their audience an advertising experience that allows the consumer to interact with the brand via an SMS text message, via Bluetooth and even Wifi.

On the horizon, Dewhirst believes the ability to offer Real-Time creatives on the networks of dooh screens will offer new opportunities for advertisers in the future that will allow the conversation between brands and consumers to continuously evolve. Mobile advertising is the way to facilitate personal experiences for consumers that tie in all levels of an ad campaign from Print, to Radio to TV to Online.

With the introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication), in the Google Nexus S and Nokia’s C7 the future of mobile device communication still remains uncertain however many unreleased smart phones like Samsung’s Galaxy, Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry Torch 2, Dakota & Apollo are all rumored to include NFC technology.

Mr. Dewhirst is scheduled to speak at the Digital Out Of Home Forum and Awards on April 14th in New York City.

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  1. David Says:

    This is very interesting and Amobee seems to be doing some cool things with DOOH and mobile by bringing them together. But the article reads that Amobee has “…been pushing the envelope by combining the reach of traditional out of home (OOH) networks and the relevant personalized experience that Mobile devices offer consumers.” Blue Bite (www.bluebite.com) has been doing this for years already in the U.S. with great success and more recently utilizing other technologies than just Bluetooth, WiFi and SMS. I have read recent work of theirs that includes QRCodes, WaP and even that they are beginning to deploy NFC. A recent article by one of their management team members explains this very well:


  2. JP Biamby Says:


    I would love to learn more. Can you direct me to a case study where Blue Bite has employed multiple mobile mediums that allow consumers to interact with placed based digital media with great success?

    I’ve researched Blue Bite in the past and have found it limited in comparison to other mobile solutions. Are there any new capabilities that we should know about?

  3. David Says:

    JP have a look at their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BlueBite

    I have found that to be helpful as well as their media kit which has a handful of case studies in the back: http://www.slideshare.net/DanTrigub/blue-bite-media-kit-november-2010

    Of late they have deployed various other mobile solutions including WaP, QRCodes and slowly getting into NFC.

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