Across the divide (retail)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Really nice article from Stuart Armstrong, EnQii’s North American President, reproduced here with kind permission, attached below as a PDF.

PDF Across the divide

It explains how two dynamics are driving the next generation of digital screen media at retail – the change in technology and the transition from early adopters to mainstream.

It’s well worth a read, it ends…

“Much has changed with respect to digital media at retail over the past twelve months alone. The medium will continue to evolve, and with it the opportunities for forward-thinking marketers to engage, inform, and entertain shoppers with the best possible shopping experience. An entirely new kind of competitive edge is yours for the taking”

The EnQii web site is one of those slick corporate creations but still, easily navigable and with lots of useful information contained therein – also well worth a quick look…

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