Connect IT Improves Customer Experience With Harris

Geny Caloisi

ConnectIT, a Belgian distributor of IT products with over 50 stores across Belgium, has installed an in-store digital signage network at 21 of its stores.

InfoIT keeps customers up to date

Based on Harris InfoCaster digital signage technology, the new in-store network aims to improve overall customer experience by carrying content from ConnectIT’s in-house channel, ‘InfoIT’. ‘InfoIT’ drives information to over 40 screens about current and upcoming promotions happening at ConnectIT, as well as local store information, for the benefit of its customers. The project was handled by local Harris dealer PlasmaTUVU.

“One of the unique selling points of Harris InfoCaster technology over other solutions was its ease of use, allowing ConnectIT to adapt content on the fly and to get working with minimal training required,”said Matthieu Geerinckx of PlasmaTUVU. “This was an exciting project because it is one of the very first digital signage networks of this scale to run in this type of store in Belgium. ConnectIT will now be a reference in terms of digital signage use in the IT retail sector.”

The new system uses InfoCaster Player as well as InfoCaster Creator for editing and page layouts and InfoCaster Manager for the management of the entire network. Advertising slots are available on the channel for brands carried by ConnectIT – the aim of the system is primarily to inform clients more effectively about product combinations and ultimately boost sales. It will also act as in-store entertainment to provide a better customer experience.

Geerinckx concludes:  “The network allows more flexible communication between the network of stores – with the aim of generating more turnover – as customer satisfaction increases through better point-of-sale information during their in-store experience.”

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