Interactive In-Store Digital Media Co. For Sale

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

M&A Connect are touting around a ‘U.S. Interactive in-store digital media company’ for sale for an undisclosed sum. Part of the innovative approach to flogging it included a FOR SALE sign over on LinkedIn (which to be fair worked sort-of cos’ that’s where we saw it!).

From the executive summary posted online it looks to us more like some form of in-store kiosk concept as opposed to any ad-driven model business and our guess is that it’s most likely someone like Digital Aisle.

The Company delivers interactive software and content media for digital tablets and touch screen devices for marketing programs in retail stores. Already established and generating media buzz, the Company continues to innovate with a powerful combination of hardware and software, engaging consumers with relevant product information at the place where the decision to buy is being made…at the valuable point of purchase. These touch-based/tablet displays encourage brand and departmental purchases, while capturing and building a shopper insights database specific to the in-store venue for their manufacturers and retailer customers. The Company’s solutions are sold to global consumer product manufacturers.

Customer relationships are generating revenue and profits as the Company prepares for new business as a result of a recent licensing agreement with a global hardware manufacturer. This new agreement has led to purchase orders from several high profile clients. Phase-one pilots for these new clients are now in progress, which is the process to the anticipated full-scale phase-two roll out in the second half of 2011.

The Company has developed a training and inventory platform included with the shelf interface to assist manufacturers and retailers with product training and control in the store setting, rather than more costly remote systems. At a recent presentation, the CEO of a high profile consumer product manufacturer and retailer described The Company’s platform as “light years ahead” of competing systems.

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  1. Ron Says:

    could this be LifeClinic?

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