MedXTV Added To Momentum Health Network By New Owner Cruise Media Group

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Cruise Media Group, Toronto, has acquired the MedXTV network, rolling its venues into the Momentum Health Network and growing the annual reach of its medical waiting room screens to an estimated 20 million Canadian viewers annually.

With the addition of MedXTV venues, Toronto-based MHN now has digital screens in more than 335 medical clinics and hospitals across Canada, with a focus on the major metro areas.

Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, MedXTV has a digital information display network in Ontario focused on the patient and visitor areas in hospitals. Venues include the regional hospitals in Orangeville, Alliston and Brantford, as well as York Central and Mount Sinai in Toronto. The annual viewing audience for those locations is estimated to be 5 million.

“Our 20 million audience numbers are compiled directly from our host medical clinics and hospitals, as they know exactly how many patients they see each year,” says Ryan Cruise, CEO, Cruise Media Group. “With the hospital numbers, we include some staff and public space foot traffic that includes the opportunity to view our network in areas such as the cafeteria and facility lobbies.”

The undisclosed cash transaction places MedXTV venues under the Momentum Health Network banner. Its content programming will be revised and the management and sales teams will report to Cruise Media Group. Sales efforts are focusing on local and regional advertisers.

Gordon Woolnaugh, former owner of MedXTV,
and his team have all been retained and will head up Momentm’s regional sales in Ontario.

“No jobs were lost in the transaction,” says Cruise. “In fact, we are aggressively recruiting sales people.

“This helps solidify our position as the leader in health and wellness-focused digital out-of-home in Canada.”

Cruise Media Group is also a co-founder of the Canadian Health Media Network, which aggregates the advertising opportunities of several similar health-based networks in the country.

Cruise says that consolidating networks makes sense, because it reduces media fragmentation and clarifies the offer for advertising media planners and brands who want to use the immediacy and reach of place-based digital networks, but have been confronted by several competing media options.

MHN puts flat panel video information systems free of charge into qualified medical clinics and hospital wait areas, providing the facilities with credible health and wellness programming – such as nutrition tips, disease awareness and prevention, and women’s health issues – that entertains, educates and engages patients and visitors.

Venue operators also get tools that let them run location-specific messages, such as office hours and special clinic notices. The MHN system offers the combined benefits of improving patient communications and education efforts, reducing perceived waiting times and enhancing the overall patient experience.

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