People Movement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quite a bit of people movement in our industry in the last 6 weeks which deserves a mention. In strict surname alphabetical order here goes…

  • Mike Baker is leaving Point Four / Decision Vision to join UTV Radio Group
  • Katy Barbary has left Brightspace Media as they close their office down in London
  • Brian Broakes left BT to join EnQii
  • Fergus Campbell has left abc media
  • Hugh Coghill-Smith left Planar / Clarity Coolsign
  • Amy Cosslett has joined Immedia Broadcasting
  • Eugene Cuyler has left TELentice
  • Penny Ericson has joined Shoppercentric
  • Chris Hartley left 3M to join Cisco’s DMS unit
  • Alan Hemson left Samsung to join Gartner Group
  • Barnaby Page, as previously reported, has left to join Screemmedia magazine and build a new online portal for the industry
  • Richard Rowley, as previously reported, has left ScreenFX to join i-design / ATM:ad
  • Fi Ryder recently left Immedia Broadcasting after the sell (and settling in) of her Cube Music business to them
  • Mark Van Stone left Sony to join Cisco Systems
  • Todd Yeadon has left RoundstoneTV
  • Andrew Wood has left EnQii

Watch out for some exciting announcements coming up – especially from EnQii on a new (industry veteran) who will be joining as President, Europe shortly.

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