Media Sign Pro To Release 4.0 Upgrade

Geny Caloisi

US Digital signage software publisher Media Sign Pro has announced they will be releasing version 4.0 of Media Sign Pro software for Mac-based digital signage this spring. The company, which launched in July 2010, specialises in Mac-based digital signage solutions.

Lee Chris, President of Media Sign Pro explains that one feature will include social networking integration that will create a means to have audiences communicate with the digital sign. Another major feature will be a template library that allows a user to choose from professionally designed templates as a starting point for their sign.

The most powerful new feature, however, may be one allowing users to make certain updates to the sign remotely via the Internet with just a few clicks and without disrupting the sign.

“Users want to have the freedom to update their signs from anywhere in the world or to give specific zone access to members of their team,” says Chris. “With previous versions this was indeed a pain-point. Version 4.0 will resolve this and at the same time add the ability to update sections of the sign while restricting access to others.”

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