Zoom Launches ClubCom’s FlexCast Interface

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Zoom Media & Marketing, New York-based fitness digital media company, has introduced its patented FlexCast digital media interface for deployment across its 3,000 health club venues worldwide.

Tom Lapcevic President and Founder, ClubCom

FlexCast was released through its ClubCom division at the recent 2011 IHRSA fitness convention held in San Francisco, and marks the latest innovation in Zoom’s ongoing leadership in managing club communications and media programs in health clubs around the world.

FlexCast is one of the world’s most advanced and intuitive content management interfaces for customized digital media networks. Simply by having operators identify their entertainment preferences and product and service offerings, FlexCast dynamically renders digital programming that is completely customized to audience preferences and the business needs of operators. FlexCast integrates control over sight, sound and motion (television) programming as well as digital signage.

For operators of fitness centers, FlexCast merges content rich programming with extraordinary ease of use, since it can be managed anywhere from the individual club level to the regional or national chain level. In addition to its easy interface, FlexCast is unique is the unprecedented array of content it offers to gym operators – everything from overhead music entertainment, member education programming, club communications, and health and safety information, to club promotions.

“Zoom and ClubCom recognize that in-club communications need to be tailored to the venue and also be easy to use,” says Kevin Steel, principal of Communication Consultants WBS. “You can tell by the way it is laid out that it reflects years of research and expertise in how to manage a fitness facility.”

And KT Remus, senior director of marketing at Urban Active, says, “FlexCast is inherently intuitive. In just a few minutes, our club’s digital programming is fully customized on an ongoing basis to support our product and service offerings, allowing us to enhance the member experience and increase the connection with our customers.”

In the last two years, Zoom has grown its health club digital network by over 50% to over 3,000 venues. The company plans to continue adding new clubs rapidly, while upgrading its current accounts.

“Customer response to FlexCast has been outstanding,” said Tom Lapcevic, ClubCom president.

FlexCast is the result of years of development. It allows for media programs involving sight, sound and motion, and digital signage.

“With our national and local media sales organizations, and our extensive experiential marketing services, Zoom offers club operators world class advertising programs, in addition to state of the art club management capabilities,” says Dennis Roche, Zoom president and COO. “FlexCast is an exciting offering that cements Zoom’s position as the most dynamic media operator in this space.”

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